What is this lab?

Welcome to the Wearables Lab at KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Here you can learn the basics of electronics, build your own wearable devices, understand the role and need of wearable electronics today and how you can combine your imagination and knowledge to create new and unique devices.

You can also learn about Internet of things, understand the concept of IoT and make your own IoT devices.

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Main Goals

The Wearables Lab aims to:

  • share knowledge about wearable technologies, and help students to produce and implement their ideas

  • become a "hub" between students and businesses

  • produce and apply research knowledge about materials used in components and on sustainability


How it started

The lab opened in October 2016 by KEA lecturer and jewellery designer Petra Ahde-Deal after a successful round of three years of experimental pilot classes about Wearable Technologies at KEA's BA Jewellery, Technology and Business