LAB inventory


We have a collection of components for experimenting and building electronics.

The collection is organised in the following categories:

  • Electronic components

  • Sensors

  • Microcontrollers

  • Electronic accessories

  • Materials

  • Tools

  • Machines

  • Books


You can search the whole inventory below:


can i LEND components?

Most components are available for borrowing under two conditions:

 1. You will return the components in the state that they were given to you

2. You will lend the components only for as long as you are visiting the lab (meaning that you shouldn’t take the components outside the lab)


can i buy components?

Some components are available for buying under two conditions: 

1. Check the inventory: when an item has a price specified, then it is purchasable unless written otherwise. 

2. Check the inventory: if there are more than 2 pieces of the item in stock, then you may buy the item. 


can i order components?

Depending on demand, you can order components from the Wearables Lab.

You can send a list of components you need to Chen at, at least a week before you need them.


how can i pay?

By Mobile Pay :

1. For components: send to 21999988  and write “Wearables”.

2. For 3D printing resin: send to 21999988  and write “PBA Smyk resin

It is required of you to have the Mobile Pay app on your phone. You cannot pay by cash or credit card.